Leonora Vega Essay

Some places, for cultural, economic or political reasons, are transformed into products of fear. Fear as imposition and domination in a subterranean channel of communication; fear as an exterminating demon of cultures, fear as an explosive factor that leads us to shattering anguish; fear imposed by dictatorial law that disconnects us from the cultural world of our era .

Nonetheless, Peter Begley will not allow his expressive mechanisms to be snatched away from him. He rescues us.

Begley’ s Subway Series speaks of the environment, of history, of race. Its rich detail takes us from the sublime to the absurd, from tragedy to comedy — all the while metamorphosing into “classical” images of reality.

This sublimation of life and death, of barely discerned happiness and constant misfortune is this city’s philosophy of life .

The force of Begley’s images jolts the viewer into questioning the canvas itself. In the midst of the black-lined monochrome, the painter places all of the figures that have turned their backs on us — sometimes they are placed on a barely perceptible innocent blue, or in a relief drawn in sand. Little by little, the background completely occupies the space until is either converted into a blind clash of violence or into terrifying silence.

The color is of the Earth. The black line that scratches out or writes thoughts as each figure is expressed as a world, are like verses. Only a sublimely tortured spirit can speak so much truth with such simplicity.

Begley is a versatile artist. He is painter, draftsman and sculptor. His restless ingenuity and ample preparation in multiple disciplines allow him to work successfully on different levels. In each discipline, Begley projects a unity guided by a powerful motion and a search for self.

He is a cultured contemporary artist. He has been nourished by the languages of the past and the present, subjecting them to a metamorphosis where his personal imprint casts light on the reading of his work . That is why his painting is visually rich, blending expressive power, temper, feeling and gesture.

Leonora Vega